Saturday, February 12, 2011


After the sore ending to the last Limited Entry Manti bull elk hunt in 2008, I was too disappointed, even a little disoriented, to blog about it. I wanted so badly to do it again or help someone else with the knowledge I gained in the process. With a 5 year waiting period and years of collecting points at 1 per year, I figured I'd be in my 60's before I drew an LE elk tag again, especially if I wanted to put in enough to get a deer tag somewhere in the mean time.

Then along comes the Hunting Expo. It's a separate drawing that doesn't use the points that are accrued, nor do the waiting periods apply. Good old buddy Ryan won an elk tag from the Expo the year after he drew an LE elk tag so I thought it was a good idea to enter this year with the same goal in mind. I have a tendency to win things from time to time. Of all the hunts I entered, lo and behold, I find out via a congratulatory text from Ryan's brother Mark that I won a do-over of the Manti Archery LE bull hunt this year! How cool is that? Can you imagine how stoked I am?

Now I get to put together a master plan of scouting and hunting. Maybe this time it will go better.

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TheFirstWard said...

That is great. Good Luck!